We offer the following services:

  • Certification of rescue floats. All approved brands.
  • Service of fire suppression system
  • Service of rescue suits
  • Refill and control of co2 -/diving-/smokediving
  • Pressuretests of gass and air tanks
  • Etching of signs
  • Procurement, planning, and service of INERGEN fire suppression systems

We deliver:

  • New rescue floats, all brands
  • Hydrostatic Release Systems
  • Fire extinguishers and lockers
  • INERGEN fire suppression sysems
  • Helly-Hansen rescue stuis and lights
  • All manner of pyrotechnic emergency signals
  • Rescue lines and ''man overboard'' signals
  • Emergency provisions and water rations
  • Lifebuoys and lights
  • Life jackets and lights
  • Signs, symbol and text
  • Smoke diving equipment
  • Firehoses, lockers, connectors
  • All emergency and rescue equipment o nrequest.